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It’s time to provide your team an inspiring workplace that matches your vision. Ready for your company’s next phase, developed for hybrid collaboration. Welcome to ORATO offices.


Surrounded by lower structures, the 60-meter-tall ORATO fearlessly sticks its neck out. OZ architects, one of the most distiguisged in the Netherlands, chose to use eye-catching red anodized metal that gives the grid façade an elegant urban look, while shifting terraces and substantial floor-to-ceiling windows provide incredible transparency and lines of sight. A spacious void behind an urban window cuts through five floors of this new landmark.

Although the architecture is a pleasure to look at, the best views are from within. With no obstacles around, your horizon is filled with all the historical and modern highlights Amsterdam is famous for. The private skyclub on the 15th floor offers tenants of every floor the possibility of having an undisturbed look over Amsterdam. No wonder the building is called ORATO, the Greek word for visible.

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The best views

Interior by
Maarten Baas

The interior of the common space (entrance and skyclub) is designed by renowned artist Maarten Baas. His colourful furniture, inspirational art, and organic shapes create a unique and playful vibe that puts any other office building in the shadow. The ground floor is open to the public, which creates a fresh hotel lobby feel with a gentle buzz.

  • Maarten Baas
  • Maarten Baas
    ORATO - the Greek word for visible fearlessly sticks its neck out.

    Ample Amenities

    Daily Deli

    We don’t believe in hostesses sitting behind a reception desk making tenants and visitors feel uncomfortable. Instead, we prefer to combine Reception and Deli so that you are welcomed and informed by a tru barista. Our Deli On the ground floor, we intent to attract a high-standard deli which offers culinary delights to keep energy levels high throughout the day. Best in class espresso machines provide next-level caffeine treats. Passionate chefs serve fresh, healthy, and heavenly food. This will soon become the neighbourhood hot spot. Communal tables, comfy chairs, and private booths provide a relaxed ambiance for casual meetings.

    Flexible working spaces & meeting rooms

    On the 1st floor of the building, we intend to equip a flexible working concept and serviced meeting rooms with modern technology. This concept allows you to instantly scale-up and facilitate your employees with flexible office space and serviced meeting rooms when a certain project temporarily requires so. The serviced meeting rooms can be connected, enabling up to 120 people to meet in great comfort.
    The flexible space will be furnished as a comfortable social hub. Quality desks, chairs, and video-call booths alternate with lounge spots for informal meetings and inspirational lunch breakouts. Our vision is that these serviced meeting rooms will be available for both ORATO tenants and external parties.

    Sky Club

    The 15th and 16th floor are intended to be a unique, private venue space “Sky Club”. Open to tenants and visitors upon reservation only. These top floors are ideal to sit and stare out of the window or to stage any event, meeting, or party that deserves an exceptional setting. We even intend to programme the venue. Combined with the best views imaginable and full-service catering, these top-notch amenities add significant value to your office.

    The building

    Human Scale

    Tall buildings often turn into impregnable fortresses. We believe in hight as long is on a human scale. With an average floor surface of 950 m2 and floor sizes starting from just 350m2, ORATO is perfect for mid-sized companies needing 20 to 60 future-ready workplaces. The cutting-edge design ensures optimum efficiency with a strong focus on a healthy, social, and dynamic workspace. As each floor is uniquely shaped, your dream office might already be waiting for you. If you temporarily require more space, you can rent additional space at the flexible office concept. In addition, we offer workspace design-support to reshape floor plans to your personal preference. Floors are modular and can be interconnected by internal stairs.

    Affordable Rates

    One of the main reasons to step into ORATO Offices now is that you get Zuidas prestige & perks for very attractive rates. It takes a visionary to recognize this unique chance, and that’s exactly the kind of people that ORATO aims to bring together.

    Ready to rent from September 2023 |
    Office space starting at 350 m2

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    ORATO is perfect for mid-sized companies needing 20 to 60 future-ready workplaces.
    The building

    Lively Location

    New landmark

    ORATO is the spectacular new landmark in the upcoming Amstelkwartier area, where warehouses gradually transform into creative hubs, and factories offer housing for local craftsmanship. Visionaries feel the unexplored funky potential of this neighbourhood in transition.


    Walking or biking around the Amstelkwartier, one can easily witness the metropolitan invasion. Vintage shops, cool bars, and specialty restaurants are popping up in the close vicinity. Grab a craft beer at De Eeuwige Jeugd, let your creativity flow at boutique studio Showpony, and get in shape at bouldering gym Monk or Paekz Padel. These pioneers are able to see what is still invisible to others. The area of ORATO is quickly developing into an urban destination with a mix of houses, offices, retail, and leisure.

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    Getting there

    By bike

    In Amsterdam, employees love to commute on their slightly damaged, yet indestructible two-wheeler. Cycle to ORATO within 15 minutes from De Pijp and Oost. The old city centre and IJburg are no more than 20 minutes away. Bike storage, battery charging, and showers are available in the building. We can even take care of your laundry!

    By boat

    Talking about typical Dutch transport: you can pick up your colleagues at ORATO with your sloop. ORATO is positioned alongside the Weesperzijde channel, right next to the immensely popular and well-connected Amstel river. George Marina offers boat parking and amazing food. What else can a captain wish for?

    By public transport

    Amstel railway station is just a 5-minute pleasant bike ride from ORATO. Three metro stations are within a 10-minute walking range, and the bus stops a mere 5 minutes away by foot. On peak hours from Monday to Friday, you can also take advantage of our full electric shuttle service between Spaklerweg Metro station and ORATO.

    By car

    Located right next to the A10/A2 junction, you can exit the highway from any direction and reach ORATO within 60 seconds. Flexible parking spots with sufficient charging facilities are available. Parkingspace 1:125.

    Visionaries feel the unexplored funky potential of this gradually transitioning neighbourhood.
    The building

    Sensible Sustainability

    We consider constructing and maintaining something big as ORATO a huge responsibility. In everything we do, we make the most sustainable choices when it comes to materials, energy, and health. We even took the opportunity to upgrade the building next door from C to A label by connecting it to the ORATO Climate systems
    We use low-energy lighting and offer facilities to make waste separation as easy as possible. Water is reused for toilet flushing the climate is regulated by a hybrid ventilation system that recovers heat, and we actively monitor our energy, water, and CO2 consumption. Apart from the current measures, we keep looking for new ways to reduce our impact while improving the quality of your office.




    BREEAM is the world’s leading sustainability assessment body for the construction industry. ORATO is expected to gain a BREEAM Excellent Certificate, which puts it in the top 10% of over 2 million BREEAM certified  buildings.

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    We aim to be awarded a WiredScore certification for ORATO’s future-proof design. WiredScore is the global standard for smart connectivity and technology in the built world.

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    Paris Proof

    Upon delivery, ORATO will be Paris Proof, meaning it will meet the Paris Agreement’s operational carbon targets.

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    TES System

    The Thermal Energy Storage (TES) System of ORATO will provide active and passive cooling to its tenants. TES Systems are proven to be beneficial for better energy management in buildings.

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    A+++ Energy label

    ORATO will gain an Energy Label of A+++, meaning that the energy consumption of the building is very low. Tenants will benefit from this green energy label via low service charges.

    The building


    Following documents can be downloaded:

    Test-fits Measurement certificate Floor plans Technical description Case study

    Are you ready?

    Can you picture your company in ORATO Offices yet? We love to show you around, so please contact us for a personal tour. It’s the best way to get to know the building. And to fall in love with your future view…

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