ORATO Offices is located in Amsterdam near Weespertrekvaart on the H. J. E. Wenckebachweg close to Amstel station and is easily accessible. The office building is in a beautiful visible location from the higway (A10) and overlooks the waterway of the Weespertrekvaart and the center of Amsterdam.

ORATO Offices

ORATO Offices literally means 'visible', which perfectly describes this office building. Not only is the center of Amsterdam visible from the green terraces, the office itself is also prominently visible from the highway.

Is a sustainable and future-proof office:

• High story floors
• Flexible layout
• Different floor sizes

Is designed:
• With a focus on a healthy working environment
• With sustainably generated energy
• With many terraces as green outdoor spaces

Available early Q3 2023!

Download hier de BREEAM Case study Orato Offices


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